Saturday, December 15, 2007

Houston, from Houston

The moral of this story: carry your tripod! I didn't take it today... and as a result I had to hand-hold this (braced) at 1/6th to get the shot at a decent ISO (200), underexposing a bit. All but this one were too blurry.

But I love the shot, the setting sun made gorgeous golden light, reflecting off the buildings here.

Take your tripod!


Slight Clutter said...

Tripod or no tripod, this is a stunner. The evening light, the glorious color, the vantage point...definitely one of the better Houston Skyline photos I've seen.

Jeremey said...

Yeah, this was one of those "pull over NOW!" moments. Thanks.

Christine said...

Why shooting at 200 ISO? Or was it with film?

I try to keep a tripod in my car at all times; of course, I only want it when it has been removed for some reason!

Jeremey said...

I shot at 200 because 100 would've probably put me over the edge of "just too darn slow" of a shutter speed. :) I didn't want to go to 400 if I could avoid it, I was pretty certain I'd be making big prints someday.