Monday, June 16, 2008


I really dig this shot. I was driving down Lamar with my camera ready (typically for that sort of thing I put it in aperture priority so it can compensate for exposure, instead of manual where I normally shoot) and got off one frame before the focus sensors gave up trying to figure out where to focus (I should've enabled all of the sensors, typically I have just the center one enabled).

There is something faintly sinister or foreboding, or maybe just stark. I processed the image into a duotone and darkened it up with a pretty heavy gray ink... I also popped the sky a bit with some midtone contrast in that ink.

Two favorites things going on here... one is the soft focus created by shooting through the windshield... second, the building on the right. We must be looking at the point edge of a triangular building, but it just looks completely flat here, like there's a building wall with windows and the whole deal... but no other walls.