Monday, August 27, 2007

The Gossip

This was a fun shoot. I did a loosely "back to school" themed shoot on Saturday, with the intended output being a series of diptychs and composites, not so much individual images. This pairing worked right away, the images were shot close together and with intent, especially the one on the right.

Lighting for both shots consisted of a beauty dish as key light, an umbrella for background and fill, and two gridded accents (one on her, one on the background).

Other than removing dust, I didn't adjust anything on these... it's good (not required) to get things right in-camera.

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Jen said...

Hey! We're going to need to get JLB pretty soon for family photos. When are you available for a shoot? I know you'll be busy once the baby comes, any chance we can fit it in before then?